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About us.

Redhouse Christmas Barn is a family run business established in 1995, growing from strength to strength every year since. 


Started by Ian Rix, first acquiring small parcels of land to grow Christmas Trees on, the Rix Family now owns over 850 acres of land that is home to more than 200,000 Christmas Trees. 

The family replaces trees every year to account for what is cut down during the Christmas period & enabling the local nature to sustain its habitats throughout the locality of the farm. 

In 2010 Ian & his trees won a prestigious award in the Christmas Tree Community for the best homegrown tree in the country, where the winner is selected to supply the Prime ministers Christmas Tree at 10 Downing Street.


The farm is also home to Redhouse Christmas Barns Shop which has been expanding & thriving since 2006 where vast amounts of luxury & quality decorations are on display for customers to purchase from Mid-October right through to Christmas Eve.

The Rix Family never stops thinking about improving & giving customers another reason to visit the Barn.

Downing Street 2010 - 045.jpg
Downing Street 2010 - 080.jpg

Here's a throwback to when Redhouse Christmas Barn featured on Blue Peter with all 3 of Ians Children,

who live, breathe & eat Christmas every day of the year.

Unfortunately the Reindeer shown in this video are no longer present at Redhouse Christmas Barn as Santa deeply needed their help back at the North pole, but we do hope that they will return soon.

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